Bioinformatics & Biological Computing:

Advancing biological research using computational and mathematical tools

Welcome to the website of the Bioinformatics and Biological Computing Unit at the open in new windowWeizmann Institute of Science!

Bioinformatics uses computation to advance the scientific understanding of living systems. The people in our unit help life scientists use computing tools to make biological research more productive. We teach courses, present workshops and seminars, provide individual consulting, and make computing tools and computing power available. We're a resource for novices as well as those who have experience using bioinformatics tools. Learn more about our work.

Genomics, CRISPR design, Promoter Analysis, Sequence analysis and phylogenetics
Dr. Shifra Ben-Dor, e-mail:, Tel. 08-934-2470, Levine building, room 111

Biostatistics and Microarray analysis
Dr. Ron Rotkopf, e-mail:, Tel. 08-934-5162, Levine building, room 110

High-throughput genomics and Next-generation sequencing
e-mail: Dr. Dena Leshkowitz, Tel. 08-934-6330, Levine building, room 102,
e-mail: Dr. Ester Feldmesser, Tel. 08-934-2614, Levine building, room 113,
e-mail: Dr. Naama Kopelman, Tel. 08-934-3456, Levine building, room 112

MicroArray analysis, classic sequence analysis
Irit Orr, e-mail:, Tel. 08-934-2470, Levine building, room 111

Image Analysis
Ofra Golani, e-mail:, Tel. 08-934-5177, Levine building, room 201

Bioinformatics IT issues for the Biological Services
Kirill Kogan, e-mail:, Tel. 08-934-3113, Levine building, room 110

Software installation on Macs and PCs (Sequencher, Lasergene, Snapgene, MacVector, Partek)
and open in new windowBiological Services ordering for various units & data distribution (Noys & Susanc)
Irit Orr, e-mail:, Tel. 08-934-2470, Levine building, room 111

Programming projects and programming help
Dr. Jaime Prilusky, e-mail:, Tel. 08-934-4959, Levine building, room 112