Database: Design, Creation and Maintenance by Jaime Prilusky
Part of a continuous series of hands-on on Perl programming techniques to automatize data mining and data processing, specially oriented to bioinformatics. [] []
After completing this unit, you'll be able to design a database that complies with the relational database model. You will be able to decide on tables and fields, select primary keys, identify table relationships, solve data problems, and perform queries. Depending on your understanding of the CGI mechanism, you will also be able to build a web interface for querying the database.
Raw Course Outline:
Introduction to Database Design
The Basics of Relational Design
Planning a Database
Designing Tables
Deciding on Tables & Fields
Selecting Primary Key Fields
Identifying Table Relationships
Data Normalization
Solving Data Problems
Higher Normal Forms
Data Integrity
Referential Integrity
Data Validation
Operations on Data
Select operation
Insert operation
Delete operation
Update operation
Query Basics
Performing Queries
Multiple Table Queries
Perl programming experience.
This unit is self contained, and consists on two days, 4 hours each, of interleaved lectures and practices. Each participant will be able to put in practice the unit concepts and ideas by implementing on the spot working applications.