Python Programming

Editing Python scripts
Python scripts are plain text files that the Python interpreter reads, understand and executes. As such, you may code Python scripts on any plain text editor, like Notepad on Windows, vi on Unix/Linux/Mac OS X.

If you work on a Mac, consider using TextWrangler, a free powerful text editor able to perform several tasks, including Python syntax coloring and the ability to open and save text files located on remote FTP and SFTP servers.

Python IDE (integrated development environment)
IDE are specialized editors for Python (and other programming languages) that make the life easier, by keeping track of syntax and definitions and offering debugging functions.

On Windows we suggest the IDE PyScripter If you are using a 64bit version of Windows note that PyScripter will only work if a 32bit version of Python is installed.

For Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, Komodo-Edit is an excellent option. Komodo-Edit supports several programming languages: JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl.

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