Registration to the course is mandatory.
The attendance to Lectures and Practices is optional, but those are the times for you to ask questions and dissipate doubts.
To complete the course you need to successfully complete all the assignments and the final assignment on time.
Assignments must be located in the biocourse server for evaluation. You may work on the assignments directly on the server (use ssh for connecting) or upload the scripts, when ready, with sftp.
Send an email to notifying that the assignment is ready. Be sure to clearly state both in the Subject and in the email content, what the email is about, your userid on biocourse and your real name.
Do not submit incomplete assignments expecting feedback or suggestions over email. Take advantage of the practices, where you can work on your assignment under guidance.
News and updates will be announced in the lectures. What is said in the lecture hall is the final word.
Dr Jaime Prilusky,