Working on a Unix Computer

Practice the use of Pico - a simple Unix editor

Open a file named filename pico filename
Type several lines of text
Move cursor using arrows, not the mouse
Move cursor to end of current line Control-e
Move cursor to beginning of current line Control-a
Delete the current line Control-k
Paste the last deleted line(s) Control-u
Copy text Select text by the mouse and use the mac/PC copy command
Paste text Move the cursor using the arrows to the desired position, and paste text using the mac/PC paste command
Move one page down Control-v
Move one page up Control-y
Search for a string Control-w, then type string and press Enter
Move to end of file Control-w followed by Control-v
Move to top of file Control-w followed by Control-y
Show line number Control-c (does not always work)
Get help Control-g
Save file without quitting Control-o (does not always work)
Quit Control-x (you will be asked whether to save file)

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