Object-Oriented and Database Programming for Bioinformatics and Internet

Pass/fail assignments will be verified only once. Please be sure that your projects work before submitting them. You can come to the tutorials and get support while you develop and test your scripts.
(Final must be solved by Monday, August 1st 2011)

Assignments ( when seen lecture material covers the assignment. Assignments marked with will be graded. )
  1. JavaScript
  2. Java
  3. JavaApplet
  4. Perl Modules
  5. OO Representation of Genomic or Structural Data
  6. Python: Files, Input, Output
  7. Python: Regular Expressions, CGI
  8. Databases

How to submit assignments:
  1. Create a directory for each assignment, i.e: scripts/as1, in your home directory
  2. Store there a file readme.txt with the documentation, the executable script(s) and one or more data files for testing.
  3. Send an email to course@weizmann.ac.il notifying that the assignment is ready. Be sure to clearly state both in the Subject and in the email content, what the email is about.

Dr Jaime Prilusky, course@weizmann.ac.il.