siRNA Links And References

Server Reference Rules Comments
Ambion 5 Tuschl No rank/score; link to NCBI Blast
Dharmacon 7, 11 Reynolds Score/Rank; Automatically runs blast
Can't see results or conditions of Blast
Clontech 5 Tuschl No score/rank; link to NCBI Blast
Deqor 6 Own set of Rules Built for siRNA and esiRNA; Score/Rank; Automatically runs Blast,
can control conditions, see results;
dsCheck 21 Checks for off target hits, new algorithm; currently for drosophila, c. elegans, arabidopsis, rice
EMBOSS 5 Tuschl Score/Rank; No Blast
Filter Ineffective siRNAs 18   Checks results of 11 other programs; checks secondary structure;
No Blast (unless part of another program)
GenScript 16 Combination of Tuschl, Reynolds, Ui-Tei Score/Rank; Blast/Smith Waterman vs.
proprietary database of EST + mRNA
Hannon Lab     No Score/Rank; No explanations of method
IDTDNA   Tuschl, Fire, Unified Rank, but no score; Can add/create pattern or rule; Link to NCBI Blast
Interagon 13 Allows use of 8 different algorithms Requires registration; Blast performed automatically
against Mouse Ensembl transcripts only;
Invitrogen   Tuschl or Proprietary Rank, no score; Automatically runs blast,
no option to control, but can see results
Jack Lin   Tuschl Link to NCBI Blast; output sorted by overhang and %GC
OptiRNAi 2 Tuschl Score/Rank; Link to Genome Blast
Promega   Combination of Rules Link to NCBI Blast, no control over parameters
Qiagen (Xeragon)   Tuschl Rules + extra parameters Score/Rank; Link to NCBI Blast, no control of parameters
SFold 3 Combination of folding, Reynolds, Tuschl Score, no rank; No Blast
SiDE 20 Combination of different rules Built for high throughput (No option to add seqeunce, just accession numbers); checks blast against Ensembl transcripts
siDirect 9, 15 Ui-Tei, option for custom rules No Score/Rank; Automatic Blast, private database,
no control over parameters, but can see results
siRNA wizard   Mixed Rules Gives top 10, with "recommended" in blue;
automatic blast against local mRNA datbase
siSearch 1 Stockholm Rules, also Ui-Tei, Amarzguioui and Prydz, Reynolds, allows custom rules various output formats; Blast with choices;
TROD 4   T7 specific; Link to NCBI Blast;
No score; highlighted rows preferable
Whitehead 19 Combined Tuschl and Reynolds, adjusted as necessary Requires pre-registration; configurable Blast of canditates;
Results sorted by thermodynamics
Wistar 8 Reynolds and thermodymanic considerations Score/Rank; Link to (unigene) Blast; results emailed

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Selected References:

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