Passport© is a small application to ease the process of opening a secure channel to the WIS, by authenticating yourself to the Firewall server. Passport© doesn't need installation. Download it to your computer following any of these options.

Note: We suggest to Weizmann users, to enter in the Preferences pannel, as Firewall address this 259
instead of the default

Passport Disk Image
Download this disk image and double-click it.
This will create and mount a 'disk' called Passport.
Copy the application "Passport" from this virtual disk anywere in you computer.
Passport exe file
Download this exe file anywere in you computer.
note: For Windows 2000 Professional better download the .jar file and double-click it to execute.
Passport jar file
Download this jar file anywere in you computer. To start it enter on the command line java -jar Passport.jar

Double click Passport to start it.

On your first usage, click on the 'Preferences' button to access the preferences' seetings. Here you can enter the services you frequently use for Passport to remember. Enter one definition per line, a pair of service and host (like http kesem), separated by spaces. You may access here a list of valid services and some examples of commonly used services.

From here on, you will only need to enter your four digits PIN number and the passcode. Passport will remember your userid and services definitions. To add or remove services, go to the Preferences panel and edit the list.

Help, FAQ, Support, Suggestions:

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What users say:

"PASSPORT is just terrific!!!! Using it all the time now." -WIS user

"brilliant small application, works without a problem" -WIS user

Passport© by Jaime Prilusky, 2005,2009.
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