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Bioinformatics Unit custom computer programming services

The Bioinformatics Unit (BBCU) will do custom computer programming projects for a fee. To use this service the user will need to pay subscription to the unit. The size of the project will decide what type of subscription will be needed.

Here is a description of the process and other details for doing a project:
A project will begin with the scientists meeting with a software developer to describe what the system is supposed to do. This meeting should be no more than an hour and is intended to give the developer enough information to determine if the project is appropriate for this service. This initial consultation is free.

The developer will prepare and send to the scientists an initial estimate of the time needed to implement the project. If the scientists decide to proceed with the project, they will open an order via Internal Services.

The scientists and developer will sit together and prepare a detailed written description of what the software should do, including the inputs, outputs, required computation, and acceptance criteria. It may also include information about system design and performance. This process may require several meetings. These discussions should yield an improved estimate of the time needed to complete the project, as well as an estimate of the elapsed time needed in light of the developer's other responsibilities.

The developer will implement the requested project. The scientists will be expected to be available (either in person or reachable by telephone or e-mail) during implementation to answer questions and to test the software.

The scientists will receive the completed software along with documentation about how to use and maintain it. If appropriate, the results of running the program will be included. The developer will be available subsequently to fix aspects that do not work correctly, as defined by the project description (a.k.a. bugs). Extensions to the requested functionality, though, will be handled as another project.

In case that the project takes much longer than first estimated by the developer, then a meeting will be arranged with the scientists and they will decide how to proceed.

Priority will be given to developing software for biological applications.

Project work will be charged on an hourly basis, at a subsidized rate of $10 per hour.

For further information

To schedule a meeting about a potential project:
Jaime Prilusky, Tel. 08-934-4959, e-mail:

For general questions: Irit Orr, Tel. 08-934-2470