Licensing software for installation on lab computers

LSCF Bioinformatics has purchased floating licenses for the following programs and can install them on computers in WIS labs.
Tool Platform Notes
open in new window Sequencher Mac or Windows open in new windowSequencher Tutorials
PDF open in new windowSequencher 5.4 user guide
PDF open in new window Tour Guide ver. 5.4
SnapGene Mac or Windows PDF open in new window SnapGene Tutorial Videos
open in new window MacVector Mac only open in new windowWhat's new in version 17
Download the MacVector tutorials

Charges are billed yearly according to the software renewal date.
If you get a license in the middle of a year, you will pay a prorated amount for the remainder of that year.

To order, contact Irit Orr (, ext. 2470) to arrange a time for installation. Before the installatio you'll need to place an order via Internal Services to the Bioinformaics unit.

For help using these programs, contact:
Irit Orr,, ext. 2470
Shifra Ben-Dor,, ext. 2470

Please close these applications when you are not using them so that others can access the limited number of floating licenses.